About me

Until recently I co-founded and ran fffunction, a digital design agency that brought user centred design to the web. The best parts of those 7 years were spent helping clients understand their customers, and designing great experiences for their products and services.

What I do

Generally I help people work out how to create something new, or improve what they have, by applying user centred design principles. That can include:

What I'm doing right now

The Wave

I'm project lead on the first phase of The Wave website. The Wave will be the first inland surfing destination in England.

Development Initiatives

I'm working with Development Initiatives across several projects to help them achieve their goal of ending extreme poverty by 2030.


Creating a new website for Brunelcare, who provide care and support for people in the South West.

Bristol Museums

I work with the Bristol Museums team to continually update and improve their website.

Inspired by Derek Sivers.

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